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Residential Architecture

Residential architecture projects, both small- and large-scale, are among the most challenging and require the most dedication from our team because each client has particular expectations and a unique idea of how their perfect home should look like. Dimension3 Architects helps clients to achieve their dreams and assists them throughout the entire process, from the concept phase to the last detail.

Our vision on residential architecture

Architecture is constantly evolving based on changes to our culture, society and the environment. A good design company will be one which is able to adapt to the latest residential architecture trends while meeting all client requirements at the same time. Lately, our design team has been focusing on aspects such as:

  • Creating organic-inspired shapes and eco-friendly designs
  • Making sure designs stand the test of time in an ever-changing architectural context
  • Balancing the popular industrial aesthetic with a look that favours natural materials and colours
  • Including exciting advancements in smart home technologies that revolutionise the way we live but also caused a shift in residential design
  • Embracing sustainable living solutions
  • Adapting to the new maximalism trend which requires designers to fill spaces with more pieces, more materials, and more colour
  • The astronomical land pricing and the environmental cost of large homes leading to a preference for smaller houses and a homeowners’ desire to live a simpler life without compromising on comfort

We strive to make a versatile use of space and promote ease of living when designing a home. We design for all client segments, including those that require us to get more creative and resourceful when completing projects for them. Our residential architecture team is looking to create affordable housing when required and to contribute to the development of economical, compact and environmentally-sensitive accommodation, without compromising on quality of life.

Above all, we are here to guide your every step towards building your dream home!

Azzopardi Residence

Azzopardi Residence