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My wife and I were looking to renovate our 1980’s home. Our goal was to upgrade an aging home that needed to meet the needs of our growing family.

Our financial considerations dictated a limited scope towards the renovation. We engaged Steve, and he was able to produce a great design which has remarkably improved our home and has made it much more livable, social and supportive of our family lifestyle. The home now just works so much better. 

One of our favourite areas is the kitchen, which has been transformed from a poky corner to a modern, social area, with a great relationship to both the outside courtyard and to the living room. Another great idea was creating an a new bar area in what was previously a walkway to facilitate a formal dining area which didn’t previously exist and which we couldn’t work out how to incorporate prior to engaging Steve.

The design was refined over time and Steve was accommodating in coming along to multiple meetings. Steve tailored the design to suit our own personal tastes. He also came to an on-site meeting with the builders once the works had started to provide some additional input. Steve was very generous with his time.


We set out to design a house that optimised our lifestyle and could accommodate a growing family yet didn’t blow the budget. Steve’s ability to listen to and expand upon our ideas was exceptional. His input and skills as an architect played a huge part in us now living a house that is functional and aesthetically on point. Importantly, our dream was realised inside our budget, which took away the stress that is often associated with new builds.

We are genuinely grateful to have had Steve on-board for our project.

Todd Baldwin

My wife and I would like to express our gratitude to Stephan for helping us with the design of our new house at Casuarina Beach. We would be the first to admit that we had fairly high expectations for the design, which had to be achieved on a limited budget and in a fairly tight space. Steve provided a solution that not only satisfied our brief, but also exceeded our expectations.

I was extremely impressed with Stevens’ ability to tap into our needs within a single consultation and translate them into a solution that we both love. Some elements weren’t even part of our brief, but their inclusion really pulls the design together.

We particularly loved Stevens’ use of 3D modelling as it made it easy for us to understand the vision he had for our home.

Steve is the 4th person who has attempted to design our home, and he is the only one to have succeeded in providing a solution that satisfies our challenging requirements.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Steve for future architectural services. We will definitely be back next time the opportunity arises…. and I think that speaks volumes.

Scott Martin

The design of our new residence at Casuarina was brilliant. Incorporated all the requirements for comfort, aesthesis and sustainability into one package exceeded our expectations. It has been a real pleasure to have Stephan involved on this project. The service and support we have received during the process from Dimension3 Architects has been faultless. Additional advice surrounding other factors has been invaluable. I would highly recommend Dimension3 Architects to any future projects.

David Castle

In 2008 Stephan Kryvoviaza from Dimension3 Architects acted as our Architect in designing our residence in Currumbin, Gold Coast. As an engineer working with architects over many years I found their designs on paper were attractive but most impractical. Mr Kryvoviaza’s designs were both extremely attractive and provided very comfortable and easy living. From a business angle everything was on time under his supervision. To this day Stephan Kryvoviaza would be one of our closest friends.

Edward & Olwen Dawes

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We have experience in large-scale Industrial Warehouse Design, Multi-Storey Unit Design, Medical Facilities, Townhouses, and Duplex Projects, along with extensive work on small-scale residential estates and countless small- and large-scale renovations to existing homes. We cover a variety of design and construction projects, from shopping centres to unique and sustainable residential buildings.

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