Bagnall Residence

Palm Beach QLD

To view this project in more detail download the below 3D file and follow the instructions below to navigate through this architectural design.

Download Here

A) Go to the app store (either Apple or Android) and download the free version of BimX. .... NOTE - IT'S THE FREE VERSION. Do not download the 'pay' version, as the free one is all you need.

B) Once app is downloaded to your iPhone and/or Ipad, go back to the web page on the phone and/or Ipad and download the file.
The BimX file should automatically open once downloaded. The download will take time to load, dependent on the internet speed, so you will need to check now and then, as sometimes it stops downloading. You just need to press continue if it stops.”

C) Once downloaded/opened you will be able to move through the home.

(I recommend you add the app to an Ipad/tablet, as sizes does matter when presenting)

Katherine Residence

Katherine Residence

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Nano Residence

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Lim Residence

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